Private Events

Premier venue for private events near Bucharest

Private events

in the open of the forest

The essence of a private event is … well, privacy, its unforgettable character and the indelible sentiment it leaves.
Whether it's receptions, gala cocktails, graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries,
or even romantic wedding proposals, our venue is tailor-made for your memories.

Private parties

Every moment is worth celebrating. Whether it's Birthday Parties or Children's Day, milestone birthdays like 18 or celebrating special moments Mother's Day, Singureni Manor Events offers the highest standards of comfort and impeccable service under the open sky, close to the forest. With the permission of the forest residents.

Singureni Manor Events Evenimente Private tematice

Thematic events

We transform every event into a unique and memorable experience! Whether you wish to travel back in time with a retro-themed party, prefer an Al Fresco Dining in the open air, or desire a Custom Bar with drinks and cocktails specially designed for your event's theme and taste, Singureni Manor Events is here to help turn any occasion into a special moment. Choose from our themes or propose a new one: • Al Fresco Dining • Cheese Bar • Candy Bar • Ice Cream Corner • Cigar Corner • Kids Parties • Personalized Bar • Retro Car Event

Singureni Manor Events Evenimente private

A place for everything:

Orchestra, dance floor, kitchen, bar, restrooms. All activities that can usually be imagined in a special event can be held here. Live performance, dance, formal events and informal get togethers in group sessions, everything is possible under an all around the year availability, as heating and air conditioning system are in place.

The sky, the forest, and its residents.

And then you and your guests.

For your private event you can invite up to 200 guests to an unforgettable experience in our spectacular Forest Hall. The only roof over your event intimacy is the sky. All of it. For a smaller dinner of up to 50 guests you can also choose our Pauls Lodge, Paul's Horses, Bistro or La Hambar.
Paul's Horses, with options like dining in igloos or a table set in the forest, is ideal for those seeking a unique gathering amidst the beauty of nature.
The Forest Platform is another exceptional venue, perfectly integrating into the surrounding woodland. This platform elevates outdoor events and it's an excellent choice for receptions and anniversary celebrations under the vast sky.
La Hambar Restaurant it is a great choice for private dinners, small gatherings, or any special occasion looking for a distinctive gastronomic experience.


Exclusive use of our two locations Paul’s Lodge and Paul’s Horses will give you access to exquisitely sleeping spaces for 70 guests

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Singureni Manor is a place of private ownership, outstanding lifestyle, and exquisite taste. To manage expectations, visits to Singureni Manor must be carefully planned to respect the privacy and comfort of all guests. If you intend to visit our location to organize a future event, please contact us in advance to schedule an appointment to ensure that we do not disturb guests already staying with us. We want to ensure that visits do not interfere with the experience of other guests and that each event can be organized with the attention and customization it deserves.